The Kite Gallery



Little Women
8th April - 29th April 2022


Gallery 1


Art Exhibition of Four local artists, Hayley Gillespie, Lou Derry, Amanda Mcgahan and Jeni Bullock.
Little Women is a diverse exhibition each artist bringing their own unique different styles and mediums to Gallery 1.
This exhibition will be on show until Friday 29th April.

"Part Deux

Join us for the Opening of ‘Part Deux’ by Photographer Steve Cooke on April 8th at 6pm Gallery 2.
This is the second part of ‘Synergy’ exhibition that was held earlier in the year with Artist Sheran Barton. Steve has stunning photography on canvas from all around Australia
“Magical Illumination”
The field of light at Uluru in the Northern Territory is a manmade wonder to behold. Thousands of lights illuminate the desert floor like tiny planets hovering just above the ground. Interconnected by veins of fibre optic lights, like veins keeping the installation alive. The art installation is now a permanent feature and is the brainchild of British Artist Bruce Munro.
Here I have panned the camera slowly from left then back to the right to create this effect.
Steve Cooke
Complimentary nibbles and Drinks available


Past Exhibitions

The Glass Tree Exhibition Opening 25th June-23rd July

The Glass Trees are sculptures represented by local Cairns based awarding glass artist Angela Fielding.
These striking sculptures are designed to depicted the essence of Far North Queensland and more recent work have expanded to the a more abstract views of the intrinsic beauty of the earth.
They are unique in a way that stimulates the viewers to an emotional response in recognition of the exceptional beauty of the natural world.
The organic style and eminence of the local upcycled timbers makes a dramatic contrast to the amazing colours and different textures of the stained glass. Whether in abstract or realistic the piece’s flow together to create a distinctive and memorable piece of art.


Reclaimed…..Timber and Steel

4th June  –  20th June 2021

The Kite Gallery and Inspired Community Support Services welcome you to RECLAIMED a Timber and Steel is a group  art exhibition featuring fantastic local Cairns Artists. Joh Schouten and Paul Fafard.
Stunning craftmanship by two very talented artists not to be missed
6pm an 19th March opening night,

The Launch of The Kite Gallery 

FLIGHT 19th March – 17 April 2021
The Kite Gallery and Inspired Community Support Services welcome you to FLIGHT a large group art exhibition featuring fantastic local Cairns Artists. 
6pm an 19th March opening night, Live Music by Wind and Wood, food and licensed bar, Artists include:
Jennifer Valmadre, Roland Nancarrow, Kylie Burke and Joh Schouten, Greg Dwyer, Meiyin Ahnsuz, Julia Goulding, Pam Kusabs, Rose Rigley, Jodie fox, Julie Haysom, Malachi Aird, Sue Gilmour, Ruth Malloch, Mandy Weinert and Pat Coates, Ellen Ericson, Tia Adoberg, Katie Ballentyne, Jess Cheesemen, Black Frank, Hotam,  Marc Steiner, Omar D’Aietti, Hannah Parker, Julie McEnerny, Olivia Azzopardi, Clair Neilson, Bill Shields Dazsignscs, Scotia Margaret Upton, Anna Delargy, Amanda Mcgahan, Julie Daniels, Susan Dogherty, Mark Lancaster Sue Schrieber, Kevin Mayo, Jen Frei, Lone White, Carl Winkelmuller, Sam Pollard, James Unwin, Anita Dooley, Julie Hoolia Fujita, Joshua Percival, Jackie Faulkner, Tekina Jewell, Luisa Manea, Giovanni Furnari, Elaine Godden, Mali Smedts. Marita D’Arcy, Jodie Tye, Hans Lieb, Fiona Lyons, Keelie Nicholls, Yvonne Hering, Brenda Howarth, Carol Betlinski, Susan Jackon James, Lone White, Lisa Steffe, Susi Ou, Blackey, Anna Pyle

Soft opening

6th Feb- 10th March 2021

Stunning pieces by natural environment photographer Mark Lancaster is showing his beautiful work of Palm Cove. As part of his diploma environment photographer Mark Lancaster is showing his beautiful work of Palm Cove.
Works on show include new pieces by Margaret Upton, Julia Goulding, Mandy Wienert, Amanda Mcgahan, Ruth Malloch Helen Thrift Brooks